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Eithne Cavanagh


Golden Pen


"Eithne was born in Dublin, but spent her childhood in the idyllic setting of Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, surrounded by rivers, hills and forests, free range hens and lowing cattle.

Her poetry, short stories and articles have been published in Ireland, England, USA and India. She has won awards for her poetry. Her first collection 'Bone and Petals' was published in 2001 by Swan Press. This is a collection of poems dealing with love and loss, family history, her passion for foreign travel and her interest in the arts.

She writes mainly to record her own feelings, experiences and observations. If some of these resonate with other people that really makes it worth while for her.

She has worked in libraries and now runs a research service in Dublin. Her work has been broadcast on national and local radio."


starPoems by Eithne Cavanagh:star

"Easter Snow"

"The Unseeing Eye"


"In The Widows' Bakery"

"The Necklace"

"Piccadilly Line"

"East To West"

"Picnicking in Andalusia"

"A Thought"

"A Visit to Birmingham Cathedral"

"A Beading Of Words"


"The Miser"

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