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A Visit to Birmingham Cathedral

A Poem by:

Eithne Cavanagh

Colourful Bar


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The lushness of purple implodes,

huge slabs of red, flaming,

igniting, dancing the floor.


Jewelled tints, glazier's delight

Bourne-Jones stained glass filters

a rain-full sun.


At the Ascension window

we stare amazed, the colours seep

into our eyes, our skin.


Following the skyward gaze

of disciples and Mary

we become colour,


are lifted heavenwards

swaying on an upsweep of rainbow

to salvation, the sun.


We become sun

all light and shade and dappled

awed by the prospect of Judgement.


Souls molten, we emerge to the rain

refreshed, renewed, remade.

We feel sculpted and glazed,


enriched and lushed and swirled

by imperial purples, flame reds,

and the blues of lapis lazuli.


Eithne Cavanagh
Copyright © 2004

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