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Iranian Women Poets


Iran and the Persian language have a rich poetic heritage, extending for a thousand years from the classical era of the 10th - 17th centuries into the present day.

Among modern poets, social and political themes have been prominent, and there have been many notable women poets, some of which are included in the book "Modern Persian Poetry" by Mahmud Kianush, available for sale in the On-line Persian Bookstore.

The following pages, give a brief background on some of these well-known women poets, and include a poem by each of them:

button Forugh Farrokhzad

button Simin Behbahani

button Shahnaz A'lami

button Meymanat Mirsadeghi

button Zhaleh Esfahani

button Zhila Mosa'ed

button Shadab Vajdi

button Mina Asadi



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