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"Persian Arts and Crafts"

The "Arts and Crafts" Section of Iransaga includes fascinating facts and examples of paintings and craftsmanship throughout the centuries.

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A brief history of Persian Art with photographs:

PART 1: "Neolithic" to "The Achaeminians"

"....Pottery is one of the oldest Persian art forms, and examples have been unearthed from burial mounds (Tappeh), dating back from the 5th millennium BC...."

PART 2: "The Hellenistic Period" to "The Sassanians"

"....After Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire (333 BC), Iranian art underwent a revolution. Greeks and Iranians lived together in the same city, where mixed marriages became commonplace...."

PART 3: "The Islamic Period": "The Abbassids" to "The Seljuks"

"The Arab conquest in the 7th century AD brought Persia into the Islamic community; however, it was in Persia that the new movement in Islamic art met its severest test. Contact with a people of high artistic achievement and ancient culture made a deep impression on the conquering Moslems...."

PART 4: "The Mongols; Ilkhans" to "The Qajars"

"....The Ilkhan dynasty, lasting from 1251 to 1335, represents in Persian art (paintings, ceramics and metalwork) the period of greatest Far Eastern influence. The later Ilkhanids tried to repair some of the destruction caused by their devastating invasion in the early 13th century, by building new cities and employing native officials to administer the country...."


A brief biography of this influential Iranian artist of the 19th and 20th Centuries:

".... He was effectively the first artist to introduce European classical realism into Persian painting. This Master Painter created many valuable works and enjoyed great prosperity during his lifetime...."


A brief history of Persian Coins with samples:

"Persia has had a chequered history but has maintained much of its own character, and this is clearly evident in the wide variety of coins it produced throughout the centuries...."


A brief history of Persian Calligraphy with samples:

"...Calligraphy is the highest art form of the Islamic civilization, and like all forms of art that came into contact with Iran, it was enhanced and developed by the Persians. It was practised not only by professional calligraphers, but also by princes and nobles themselves...."


A brief history of Persian Miniature with samples of paintings:

"The art of Persian miniature dates back to well over one thousand years ago. It is difficult to trace its origins, as it reached its peak mainly during the Mongol and Timurid periods...."

flower button PERSIAN CARPETS

A brief history; technical details, and samples:

"Carpets were probably first made by nomadic peoples to cover the earthen floor in their tents. It is not certain however, if the Egyptians, the Chinese, or even the Mayas first invented carpet making...."

flower button THE PERSIAN GARDEN (Paradise - Where Gardens Began)

A brief description of the history and structural styles of the Persian Garden

"The archetypal garden, Paradise, derives its name and its symbolism from the old Persian, Pardeiza, meaning an enclosed area...."

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