Portrait and figure painting were Katy Kianush's first love. This has provided her with an endless and challenging source of study. The faces and figures are created in a fresh way, using expressions, colours and compositions that she feels will suit the subjects.

She believes that a successful portrait is created from empathy and understanding by the artist for his or her subject. The "face" plays an important part in communicating with the viewer, leading to speculation about the subject's lifestyle, experiences, feelings and thoughts - these being the elements that bring life to a portrait. The expressions that the eyes alone can convey are endless.


Katy has been fascinated by ballet and ballet dancers from a very young age. To her it is a magical world filled with wonder and beauty. In her 'World of Ballet' collection, Katy tries to capture some of that magic through her paintings.

She has developed her own technique and uses pen & ink, acrylic colour wash, acrylic relief paints and textured handmade paper. The colours used create an air of mystery and romance, while giving the works a classical feel. The ballet dancers are depicted in fast lines, in keeping with the transient nature of dance.

'Mandana' - A tribute to an Artist

star'Mandana' (A tribute to an Artist)star

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