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The Art Arena Gallery provides a comprehensive collection of Original Paintings,
by the award winning artist Katy Kianush.

Your cultural voyage will take you through showrooms with portraits of local and ethnic people, ballet dancers and the world of ballet, and landscapes and wildlife from around the world.

The Miniature Section includes a wide range of works, such as, stylised and intricate Persian, Chinese and Japanese paintings, Symbolism paintings, and Katy's own interpretation of Shakespeare's plays, where she has used a unique style of painting to create an almost "Stained Glass" effect.

Katy's Symbolism paintings explore the mystic beauty of the relationship between man and nature, and they are executed in a style which is at times reminiscent of art nouveau, with strongly defined lines, colour and shape.

In addition, Katy's "Creative Cards", offers a personalised service for all occasions.

Katy also accepts commissions to paint :
portraits, landscapes, wildlife, miniatures, illustrations for books, and greeting cards.

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