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Tabriz is situated in north-western Iran, in the province of Azerbaijan, and is the capital of a very important carpet weaving region. The town is over 1000 years old and even centuries ago it was famous as a cultural centre.

The Tabriz carpets are of very good quality, finely knotted and made of strong lustrous wool. There are old carpets in private homes, used for years, which are still in excellent condition, and the colours have kept their brightness.

At the beginning of the century, the finest carpets had a silk pile. These are rare pieces and are among the most beautiful examples of Persian carpets.

The usual Tabriz design is a medallion surrounded by flowers and tendrils; however, some carpets have a design with repeating patterns.

The warp and weft of Tabriz carpets are of cotton, and there are between 80 and 200 knots to every square inch.

The carpets vary in size from 6 ft by 4 ft to 16 ft by 10 ft.

This mid-nineteenth century Tabriz carpet is decorated with motifs typical of the area. However, the green colour in the borders and the central medallion would not normally be used.


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