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Shiraz has been known for centuries as the city of roses, which is reflected in the motifs of many of the carpets. However, the most common motif, and one by which the carpets may be identified, is the diamond-shaped lozenge by itself in the centre of the carpet or repeated along the length twice or three times according to the size.

The diamond motif of the Shiraz carpets is usually in light or dark blue and the background is normally red with decorations of stylised plants and flowers. The border consists of a number of narrow bands framing a wider band, which is often decorated with motifs resembling pine, or palm leaves.

The Shiraz carpets are very soft and it is advisable that only the best are used on the floor, to protect them against wear and tear.

Among the better-known individual tribal carpets are those made by the Qashqai, living in the uplands of the Fars area. In contrast to other Shiraz carpets these are harder wearing, and have a compact pile. Their colours are also faster and more varied.

The warp and weft threads of the Shiraz carpets are either wool or goat's hair, and they come in all sizes; 4 ft by 2 ft 6ins, 5 ft by 4 ft, 7 ft by 5 ft, and 10 ft by 7 ft. Square Shiraz carpets can also be found.

Traditional Shiraz carpet, made by the nomads of the Fars area.


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