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Questions circa 2000

A Poem by:

Patricia H. Regensburg

Colourful Bar


Copyright shall at all times remain vested in the Author. No part of the work shall be used, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the Author's express written consent.

Am I the thinker of the thought,

am I for sale, can I be bought?


Am I authentic or beguiled,

can charity be undefiled?


Can I buy friendship, is it free,

does anyone belong to me?


Am I aloft or on the ground,

I think I'm lost, can I be found?


Is time my weapon or my bane,

will innocence be mine again?


Am I the sun in someone's sky

or just a speck in someone's eye?


Have I been weak, could I be strong,

if might makes right then what makes wrong?


Is evil freedom, or is good

and is the difference understood?


Am I the sickness or the cure,

are good intentions ever pure?


Can I fly up, must I sink down

because of someone's smile or frown?


Am I unique, am I a blend,

do I know real from just pretend?


Is my path straight or will I stray,

can any signpost show the way?


Am I a flower or a weed

and will I bloom or go to seed?


Do I know truth or are my lies

the only truth I recognize?


Can theses I can't prove be solved,

will anyone become involved?


Could questions asked just sometimes be

responded to with certainty?


Is love as risky as cocaine,

can't I have joy unmixed with pain?


Are movies real, is safe sex fun,

don't want to stay, but where to run?


Could this whole questionnaire be met

by logging on the Internet?


Patricia H. Regensburg
Copyright © 2000

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