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Of Terrestrial Memories

A Poem by:

Maziar Ouliaei-Nia

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"It is your choice,"

thus said

our heavenly ancestor

to his children:

"without words

you can be a bird,

an intersection of soil and light and wind.

Without flight,


embodying love and freedom and death,

this, my only inheritance for you.



he put the open book of heavenly verse

- its pages

repeating waves of ambiguity -

on the ground

and the first sea




over the first sea

migrated en masse.

Shadows of their open wings

on the book of seas

- image of immortality

on the slippery mirror of moments -


the verses

of the first terrestrial poem.


I stood

before the sea

- the hands of desire

falling short of the sky -

and the wings of dreams

swept away the birds

...until the waves

taught me the first poem.


Maziar Ouliaei-Nia
Copyright © 2000

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