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I Have Once Been a Soldier

A Poem by:

Adekanmbi Adeshile Olaolu

Colourful Bar

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As the days roll by,

each second to me counts,

each day I cherish as years.

Without certainty, I hate life with disgust.

From camp I write,

I lay beneath my rumbled shelter

guarded all around, like a VIP.

All the same, cockroaches and grasshoppers I host by day,

mosquito and cricket music sends my eyes to sleep.

The wars are bitter.

The city is negatively re-arranged,

the family is displaced,

and uncertainty is their hope of being alive.

The teenage army I'm forced to join,

a small soldier I am.

I dream with wide open eyes,

'cause they've told me of death, so soon.

I have killed and rendered redundant,

each moment of my walk outs,

tears and horrors worry my thoughts into weariness.

My grave's I'm sure deeper than 7ft,

but for the cease-fires which strengthen my soul,

the future's bleak.

Nairobi and Pretoria, is a dream I wish was real,

to save me from the bullets,

to wake me from my death.


Adekanmbi Adeshile Olaolu
Copyright © 2003

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