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Olutayo Kadmiel Osunsan


Golden Pen


"Olutayo Osunsan was born in Lagos, Nigeria and lives in Kampala, Uganda.

His poetry has been published in anthologies and magazines on four continents and some poems have been translated into other languages.

Olutayo is the author of two collections, Strange Beauty (2004) and The Poet In May (2006) and is currently working on a novel and two co-authored works.

He enjoys travelling, listening to music, reading the bible and watching good movies.

He welcomes your mail: ...."


starPoems by Olutayo Kadmiel Osunsan:star

"We Will Live (short)"


"Dangerous Desires"

"The Darkest Night"

"It Was My Destiny"


"Sunshine Boulevard"

"Human Condition"

"Kampala Road"


"Her Life in a Mirror"

"Her (the woman, the queen, the mother)"

"Village Sun"


"Ungrateful Day"

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