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Michael Hillmer


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"I live in the heartland of the United States, in the steel town of Granite City, Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. I received my Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

I am currently the Reference Librarian for the Granite City Public Library District where my job is to answer on a daily basis the temporal as well as eternal questions of why we exist.
I am a husband. A father.
I write poetry because poetry is what we all are."


starPoems by Michael Hillmer:star

"Behind the Veil"

"The Lights That Have Vanished"




"Burnt By The Sun"

"The Scream"

"The Vampyres"


"Down the Mississippi"

"The Language of War"


"Blood Offerings"

"Letting Go"

"Van Gogh's Sunflowers"

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