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The town of Kerman is in Eastern Iran, and has always been one the carpet weaving centres. Kerman carpets are highly prized because of the quality of their design and colours. They are made of fine, lustrous wool, coloured soft red, green, blue, yellow and ivory. The village of Ravar situated twenty-five miles from Kerman, also produces very beautiful carpets of high quality and design. These carpets are known as "Kerman Ravar".

Kerman carpets are mostly in floral designs. Many have rich central medallions, the motifs of which are also used in the borders and in the corners. On the larger Kerman carpets there are animal designs or repeating patterns, the smaller ones are often decorated with vase patterns or pictorial subjects.

The success of the Kerman carpets is mainly due to the skill of the pattern designers, called "ustad". The result is that while all Kerman carpets have something in common, which distinguishes them from those of other areas, they are also made in a wide variety of designs.

Both the warp and weft of the carpets are made of cotton, and there are 130 to 320 knots to every square inch.

A magnificent nineteenth century Kerman Ravar carpet with rich colours and decoration.


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