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Zobeida, the favourite wife of the famous Caliph Haroun-al-Rasheed, established the town of Kashan, which is situated between Tehran and Isfahan.

The Kashan district is possibly one of the best producers of Persian carpets. These carpets have taken the name of the region, and are simply referred to as the "Kashan". Due to the very high quality of the wool, the very fine weaving and the beautiful colours and designs, Kashans have come to be classified among the finest Persian carpets.

The knotting is very fine. The woollen Kashan has between 120 and 240 knots to each square inch, and there are 240 to 550 knots to each square inch in a silk one.

The warp and weft are made of cotton or silk. The designs vary from medallions with tendrils to vases, and from all-over patterns to very fine floral designs. However, the most common designs are those with a central medallion.

The usual kind of background colours for Kashan carpets are brick red and dark blue, and alongside these are a series of very rich colours that give these carpets a unique appearance.

The Kashan varies in size, from "6 ft by 4ft" to "10 ft by 15 ft".

Traditional Kashan carpet. The decoration and colours used are typical of the Kashan district.


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