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Joseph Josephides
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Joseph Josephides, a poet from Cyprus, has published three Collections of Poems (Athens: 2001, 2003, 2006).
Member of the Board of “Union of Cyprus Poets”, PEN-Cyprus, National Society of Greek Cypriot Writers.
He has represented Cypriot Poetry in European Conferences ( France, November 2003 and Germany, May 2006).
Some of his poems have been translated into many languages, and are included in Euro-Anthologies of Poetry, as well as international Web sites, (nominated for awards).
His translations of Neruda, and of Chinese Medieval Poets are to be published soon.


"Meditating on Olympia"

“Alas ! In vain! My whole life in ruins”,
Rodin cried out, awe struck
When he first saw Apollo at Olympia.

And frantically he searched with his hands
The bottom of his pouch
Trying to find out
Whether the fault lied with a tool.
Was it a tool that he had laid aside?
A tool longing for the affection of his fingers?

Hardly breathing he dashed
to the workshop of Phidias

He searched everywhere – deep in his thoughts –
For any little humble thing
Which might have helped,
He dug, in agitation, his fingers into the soil.

Might he happen to discover, by chance,
Anyone of the tools of Hephaestus,
He was never aware of ?

Might he find a tool of Gods
That Olympia hides ?

A tool that stirs,
And elates the soul,
And liberates it.


Joseph Josephides
Copyright © September, 1993
(This poem has so far been translated 21 times)

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