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Isfahan was the capital of Persia during the reign of Shah Abbas (1571 - 1629), and had the most beautiful palaces, mosques and libraries. Architecture as well as carpet weaving flourished at this time.

Rare and precious carpets from this period are now kept in museums all over the world. Very fine well-knotted carpets are still being made in Isfahan today.

The fascinating designs using lines and arabesques that appear on Islamic architecture also appear on the modern Isfahan carpets. Medallions are the most usual motif; however, animals and flowers are also used.

Both warp and weft are of cotton, and there are between 130 and 360 knots to every square inch.

Carpets vary in size. Smaller ones are approximately 6 ft by 4 ft, while the larger carpets at 12 ft by 10 ft are quite rare.

Late nineteenth century Isfahan carpet, decorated with a floral motif and a central medallion.


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