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Call Me From The Earth For I Have Many Names

A Poem by:

Roger B. Humes

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Copyright shall at all times remain vested in the Author. No part of the work shall be used, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the Author's express written consent.

call me from the earth for i have many names

that our father placed within my soul


to lead a journey from the wilderness of the spirit

into a promised land where i chose to strike a rock


and water not blood poured forth

in promise to the multitudes


who were fed with several loaves and fishes

so that they remembered we all come


from the loins of a man given generations

numbering among the stars


and though his back may have turned upon one

destined to walk within the desert


a father's heart can never dwell far

from the halls of love when it comes to a son


for i wore a coat of many colours

which my brothers ripped from my back


soaked in the blood of the lamb

and placed before the crying eyes of an old man


who watched his dreams fade with the light of my life

until all was forgotten save for his pain


but the journey returned me to those of my blood

and all was forgiven before a sunrise


on a hushed chill morning in a promised land

where each of us has many names


Roger B. Humes
Copyright © 2003

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