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A Poem by:

Jan Oskar Hansen

Colourful Bar


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Through the skylight a shaft of pure sunshine

falls into my room and I’m alone on a stage,

handsome and brave. The audience cough and

restless shift, in posh seats, wait for me to begin.

I wait for the moment when silence is audible.


Read a long, epic poem by Ibsen. (the only one

remembered from my school days) Applause is

generous and there are shouts for more.

Try some of my own poems applause is less

enthusiastic and feet shuffle, first act over.


A cloud switches off the limelight, when

the shaft of merciless truth is back, dust whirls

endlessly and silent. The audience have gone

home and I wonder if it looks odd if I take

drama lessons at sixty five.


Jan Oskar Hansen
Copyright © 2004

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