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Homeric Laughter

A Poem by:

Jan Oskar Hansen

Colourful Bar


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They had been angels sitting on clouds for
ten thousand years playing the harp, but
since they were in a timeless environment
they did not know that, only they were
filled with a sense of ennui that came from
living in a place void of firmness, where they
cannot feel the touch of anything and they
also missed not being hungry or thirsty.

They objected to God, who came and took off
his face revealing a hole so endlessly deep
that it was white, told them that they were his
illusion, now they had to make a choice either
to continue playing the golden harp or vanish
into the hole. They chose the instrument.
God put his face back on and bitter silence
wafted, like an ill omen, through the galaxy.


Jan Oskar Hansen
Copyright © 2004

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