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She Who is Twilight

A Poem by:

Arianne Grand

Colourful Bar

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The sunset is ablaze

with vivid colours

which elude my hand,

the canvas still bare.


I glimpse the world with tear-filled eyes

The sky alive

with the power of the stars

sparkling down in brilliant washes of beauty.


And I remember...


Viridian forests of long ago

Living still within my heart

my life so out of time

my soul lost amidst the concrete trails of this world.


Yet, still I will remember...


In this heart

a story is singing

of memories of another time

where we honoured our place in this Unending Circle

Where the heartbeat of the Earth was cherished

where the drum echoed her heart with our own.


We must remember enchantment

Remember the mystery

Remember that which is not seen with eyes alone

or we are lost.


We must remember Truth

that we might be healed

that through each other

we might come to know ourselves.


Slowly the eternal beauty of this vision transforms my mind

And I realise that revealed on the canvas before me

is the epiphany of creation once again.


Arianne Grand
Copyright © 2003

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