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The Changing Times

A Poem by:

Shimanta Bhattacharyya

Colourful Bar


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Read me a poem

About pretty maidens with sunflowers

In their hair

Can you paint me a Picasso

Showing the sunset at sea and

The tiny boats of fishermen

Resplendent with sardines and dancing sails?


Shelley is gone

And so are others like him—

The happy songs of skylarks and nightingales

Rattle like coarse gravel

In ears attuned to glib, table talk.

—And we who try to imitate them

Are at once ostracised and even put to sword.


Times are changing:

Fishermen return home with battered sails

Having gone for days without fish

Pretty maidens with flowers pass unnoticed

It’s only the woman suckling her babe

On a dry nipple

That makes me snatch the pen!


Shimanta Bhattacharyya
Copyright © 2004

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